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We provide complete services in the field of charging technologies. Delivery of charging stations, installation and setup, construction work, design work, subsidy management.

Alpitronic Hypercharger
Charge Arm
New Charge ARM!
We bring a novelty in the form of all-metal mechanical arm that increases comfort and safety when recharging an electric car. Construction of ChargeArm is designed to allow the charging cable to be connected without the restriction of pedestrians, thus preventing damage or contamination of the charging cable.

We are looking for an Electrician!
We are currently looking for reinforcements for the position of Electrician, Inspection technician. We require a decree 50/250, skill, responsibility, willingness to work and time flexibility. We offer benefits such as a company car and for private purposes, a business phone, a laptop or a 13th salary! If you are interested in our offer, be sure to contact us. 

Become ours
business partner

Become our partner and be part of the electromobility business!
EV Solutions
Nová zelená úsporám
Nová Zelená Úsporám

As part of the new green savings subsidy program, you can apply for a subsidy bonus for the purchase of up to two charging points for your family or apartment building. 


Use our professional services and we will supply you with complete charging technology, carry out assembly and commissioning, issue an audit report, and also submit a subsidy application for you!

For more information, contact our specialist.

Obchod EV Solutions
Online store

We have created a place for you where you can easily buy everything you need to charge your electric car.


From AC charging stations, power management system, FLEET CABLE portable charging station to the Type2 charging cable itself or reductions for different types of connectors and sockets.

Complete delivery
and installation of rechargeables
turnkey stations


Are you interested in building a charging station and related services? We will take care of the supply of charging technology, installation, commissioning, operator training and subsequent service.

Rychlodobíjecí stanice Alpitronic Hypercharger
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