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We will help you with the subsidy application!

As part of the new green savings subsidy program, you can apply for a subsidy bonus for the purchase of up to two charging points for your family or apartment building.

Use our professional services and we will supply you with complete charging technology, carry out assembly and commissioning, issue an audit report, and also submit a subsidy application for you!

For more information, contact our specialist.

Enelion Lumina
Enelion Lumina

Support is provided for the purchase and installation of a charging station for a personal electric car and other equipment necessary for its operation.

Basic information

  • Only charging stations are supported that have the function of controlling the consumption of electricity when recharging the electric car from the power distribution network according to the agreed maximum input.

  • The charging station and the corresponding parking space must be located on the plot of land that belongs to the subsidized house construction and is owned by the applicant, or inside this house.

  • Supported charging stations are not intended for public and commercial use.


How much will you get?

  • The amount of support for family homes is50% from eligible costs Max.15CZK 000 to one charging point.

  • The amount of support for apartment buildings is 50% from eligible costs Max.25CZK 000 to one charging point.

  • A maximum can be supported 2 charging points per single-family house.

  • In apartment buildings, the same number of charging points as apartment units can be supported. 

EV Solutions
How do we proceed? 
Discuss with us your ideas and possibilities for the construction of a charging station.
We will create a price offer for you for the construction of a charging station. 
We will carry out the complete installation of the charging station from excavation work to revision.
We will submit a subsidy application via the website
Documentation of successful implementation and subsequent billing of the subsidy bonus.
Contact our
a specialist


Miloš Toman

Sales Technical Manager

+420 608 026 944

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