Two colors of anodized aluminum

The housing is made of anodized aluminum and is available in two colors: silver and graphite-black. The front of the device is made of hardened plastic to increase protection against scratches.

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Two sockets in a charger

Users’ needs direct our development.

That’s why we created devices with two charging sockets.

Provide an additional charging point at a lower cost.

Enelion Bridge – bridge to new possibilities!

User expectations are constantly rising. To meet them we have created Enelion Bridge! It’s a module that provides Smartcapabilities to a charger and all benefits of Online via OCPP1.6.

See what you can get with Enelion Bridge!

See what happens when you connect your charger to the Internet and a administration system such as Enelink.

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Power set to your needs

Enelion chargers were created to satisfy the needs of our clients. That’s why we never limit their capabilities. Each charging terminal may be configured to work in a one-phase or three-phase network. The charging current ranges from 6 to 32 amperes. Your dealer will help you with configuration of these settings.

Power from 1.4 to 22 kW. Just as you need it!

Introduce yourself with RFID

Integrated RFID reader allows for user recognition. Well established Mifare card technology provides the capability of user access management.

Use the Offline Card Groups and provide your users with an access to many chargers without connecting them to the Internet.

To use the charger in your own home disable the RFID to begin charging immediately after plugging in (Plug&Charge mode).

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Snímek obrazovky 2021-06-01 v

Built in energy measurement

Enelion uses a custom system of energy measurement. This allows for the usage of advancent power managementalgorithms.

Learn about Enelion DLB* and its benefits.

If you need a certified measurement for energy bill settlement ask about Enelion MID.

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RCM B Protection

Local regulations stipulate that one must use protection against direct current leaks. To avoid a costly purchase of a differential current protection switch of type B choose the optional Enelion Rcm B module.

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Chain to achieve more

Enelion charging terminals are useful in all circumstances and applications thanks to their wide range of connection capabilities.

Enelion created Enelion Chain allowing the chargers to:

Technical Sheet
Installation manual