The hypercharger
line is the most compact and powerful solution on the market. It is absolutely future-proof in terms of norms, future standards and all new electric vehicle designs.

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Our quick-charging stations' banner feature is the scalability of their overall performance. And the engine that drives this powerful charging capability is a set of 75 kW power stacks that have proven their merits many times over in aircraft ground power supplies (GPUs). Hypercharger's DC charging systems come in two sizes with power ratings ranging from 75 to 300 kW and beyond.
This power is available across nearly the entire
150-to-1000-V range. All the prevailing charging standards may be configured, including the cooled CCS 2 charging cable. Our power stacks can easily be paralleled and their total power output upgraded, so your investment in a charging station will continue to pay dividends for many tomorrows to come. And the simple maintenance makes hypercharger an even more persuasive proposition. The system's modular design lets us accommodate your requests to quickly deliver a tailored solution without compromising performance or sacrificing quality.

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cable hole

ground anchor

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Technical Sheet
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