It has never been easier!

When you think it couldn't have been easier to operate a charger, there comes the Wallbox Easy. Charge your vehicle as soon as it is connected to your Wallbox without any complicated installation just hang it on wall and connect it to the power supply with a schuko ( for single phase charging ) or three phase plug. 

Enelion Wallbox Easy.786 kopie.png

Can this process be made simpler?

You park the car, connect it to Wallbox Easy and the charging starts.

Wallbox Easy is the simplest charger in our offer, but still retains the style and comfort of use known from Enelion products. The station does not have a screen and RFID reader, and its installation is extremely simple.

One phase or three?

Your Wallbox Easy will come to you with the right plug-in, depending on whether you prefer a single-phase or three-phase version. If necessary, you can take it with you on a journey and you will find that there are more charging points for your car than petrol stations.

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Technical Sheet
Installation manual